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ZT-200 paper bucket Machine


Model:ZT-200 paper bucket Machine


To make KFC buckets or other large bucket popcorn bucket,

And large top diameter salad bowl(top over 160mm,160-200mm large top salad bowl)    Samples as below:

ZT-200-02 ZT-200-03 ZT-200-04 ZT-200-05

  The characteristic of the machine:  

1.Bottom sealing by hot air devices, so you can get non-leakage cup.

2.Cup side sealing by ultrasonic; If you will not change mould, only one mould work with the machine, you can take hot air sealing as option.

3.Cup top curling and bottom knurling are finished by separate turnplates.

4.It is easy to make cups with different sizes by changing moulds.

  Main Technical Specification  



Paper Cup Specification

1.Cup Use : Popcorn Cups, bucket and large bowl.

2.Cup Size : 28-190OZ

Minimum cup dimensions

-min. top diameter : 120mm

-min. cup height : 100mm

Maximum cup dimensions

-max. top diameter :220mm

-max. cup height : 200mm

Paper Specification

250-400 GSM single/double PE coated paper, PLA/PBS biodegradable coated paper

Production Capacity


Power Source

380V 50HZ 3Phases

Average Power

15KW (Total Power: 27KW)

Air Supply Requirement

Compressed air: 0.8Mpa

Air consumption 1cbm/min

Total Weight


Package Size

Wooden case

(L*W*H):  4800*2300*2100mm

  Machine details  

ZT-200-06  ZT-200-07

ZT-200-08  ZT-200-09

ZT-200-10  ZT-200-11  ZT-200-12

  Electrical box and touch screen  

ZT-200-13  ZT-200-14


ZT-200-15  ZT-200-16

      Contact person: Mr. Abner Chin
Tel/WhatsApp: +86-16605774800
Address: Room 102, Unit 1, Workshop 23, Zilai Venture Park, Wanquan Town, Pingyang County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.

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