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KH-ST88 Paper Bowl Machine

KH-ST88 paper bowl machine is a fully automatic paper bowl forming device. Through multi-row automatic paper delivery, paper anti-back blocks (accurate positioning), ultrasonic welding, paper sleeve turning over, bottom punching, bottom inward folding, bottom heating, bottom knurling, top curling, cup unloading etc. continuous process can stabilize the production of various sizes of paper bowls. The machine adopts automatic oil spray lubrication to reduce mechanical wear. The transmission adopts a vertical axis gear structure, a cylindrical follow-up indexing cam mechanism and gear transmission, which ensures the synchronous transmission accuracy. The electrical components adopt PLC programmable logic controller, photoelectric tracking and servo, endowing the machine with self-monitoring and intelligent operation.

(Note: During the production process, any adjustments, optimizations and upgrades made by the manufacturer based on the improvement of product quality or the original technology and related configurations of machine manufacturing are all reasonable changes in the production process of the machine without prior notice.)
  • KH-ST88


KH-ST88 Paper Cup Machine


The appearance design of the machine is different and does not affect the functionality of the machine itself.

  Machine Description  

KH-ST88 paper bowl machines are Fully automatic paper bowl machine with the High quality Gear-shaft driving system, Open discal cam/grooved wheel/indexing plate and Automatic lubrication system to realize the longer lifespan and stable paper bowl production.

Paper bowl making is achieved by multi-stage paper feeding and paper anti-back mechanical structure → ultrasonic sealing → sleeve rim silicone oil oiling device → sleeve transfer to vertical mold → bottom directly punching system → bottom inward folding → preheating → bottom knurling → top curling → finished bowl unloading → Robot hand to table. The whole machine can be customized with PLC touch screen according to clients’ needs. It can realize automatic detections of counting, dropping, bottomless, paper lacking, alarm with automatic stop etc. Different bowl sizes on 1 machine can be realized by changing the molds. They are the ideal machines for stable paper bowl production.

Thanks for choosing our machines.

  Machine Main Configuration  



Machine technical parameters

When ordering the machines, please offer the bowl parameters

A. bottom diameter,   B. top diameter,   C. bowl height,   D. bottom depth

Bowl size

Top: 55-150mm

Height: 35-110mm

Bottom: 50-126mm



Single/double PE paper


60-80 bowls/min

Compressed air

0.4-0.6Mpa; 0.4m³/min


380V 50Hz 3Phases

Average Power


Net weight


Machine size

L:2600mm  W:1500mm  H:1800mm

Bowl collection table

L:900mm  W:600mm  H:1400mm   70KG

  Machine Details  

1. Machine appearance



2. Side sealing unit


KH-ST88 ultrasonic for bowl side seal

For single or double PE coated paper

3. Bottom paper feeding/punching/waste output units




KH-ST88 adopts gear motor for pre-unwinding paper roll and servo motor for feeding, this structure is better for higher speed machine to avoid the paper broken while the high-speed feeding.

4. Bottom heating unit and knurling


KH-ST88 from left to right, they are bottom inward folding heater, bottom hot air heaters 2pcs and bottom knurling device with heater.

5. Top curling units


Left is bottom knurling device to make the bottom paper sealed with bowl wall by rolling and embossing.

Right is top curling device to make the bowl top lip.

Bottom knurling first and then top curling

6. Bowl collection method


KH-ST88 with automatic robot collection system, much more labor saving

7. Safety barrier



8. Machine drive system

KH-ST88-10  KH-ST88-11  KH-ST88-12

yellow painting or gray painting thick machine iron pedestal, Stronger full gear and shaft with open cam drive system

Higher running speed, much more stable, lower maintenance rates than Chain drive

Automatic lubrication system with copper pipe oil distributor to every moving parts of the transmission system to make the machine longer lifespan

      Contact person: Mr. Abner Chin
Tel/WhatsApp: +86-16605774800
Address: Room 102, Unit 1, Workshop 23, Zilai Venture Park, Wanquan Town, Pingyang County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.

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