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KH-100A Sub-high Speed Paper Cup Machine

KH-100A, a sub-high speed paper cup machine, achieves a stable cup making speed of 90-100pcs/min. Compared with KH-90A middle speed paper cup machine, the 100A has more efficient transmission system, more strict processing precision and technology. Compared with KH-SC128, 100A’s appliances are more likely to be equipped with high-quality Chinese-branded components. It is an excellent choice for medium and large paper cup companies that have high requirements for machine quality and running speed.
  • KH-100A



KH-100A Sub-high Speed Paper Cup Machine

Brief Description

The characteristic of the machine:

1. Sub-high speed paper cup forming machine comes with 2 turntables, open intermittent cam mechanism and gear transmission, longitudinal axis structures.

2. The whole machine adopts automatic lubrication system, which makes all mechanical parts working much more smoothly.

3. Cup side is preheated by a Chinese-branded 3.3KW hot air gun and then sealed by Ultrasonic

4. Bottom sealing by 2pcs of hot air devices.

5. Cup top curling has two steps, rotary curling and heating figuration, which makes the curling more stable and with better appearance (round and smooth).

6. The machine comes with PLC control system, sensor failure detecting and it stops working automatically if the machine has any problem, it can greatly improve operation safety and reducing labor cost.

7. All bearings of the machine are made in China high quality suppliers and the vacuum generator is made in Japan (SMC brand).

8. It is easy to make cups with different sizes by changing molds.

9. With automatic cup collection system and counter.


Main Technical Specification



Paper Cup Specification


(mold exchangeable)


(mold exchangeable)

Top Diameter : 65-92mm

Height : 60-170mm

Bottom Diameter: 50-65mm

Paper Specification

170-380 GSM single/double PE coated paper, PLA/PBS biodegradable coated paper

Production Capacity


Power Source

380V 50HZ 3Phases

Average Power

14.5KW (Total Power: 21KW)

Air Supply Requirement

Compressed air: 0.5-0.8Mpa

Air outlet: 0.4-0.5cbm/min

Total Weight


Package Size

Wooden case

(L*W*H): 2730*1650*1900mm

Machine Configuration


KH-100A Sub-high speed paper cup machine



Electrical components

Switching power


Main and branch breaker

CHINT, China

A.C. Contactor

CHINT, China

Solid state relay

Fotek, Taiwan

Small relay

C-Lin, China

Button with light and switch

Autonics, Korea

PLC programmable controller

Delta, Taiwan

Temperature controller

Autonics, Korea

Touch screen

Inovance, China


Delta, Taiwan

Servo motor

for bottom paper feeding

Delta, Taiwan

Servo driver

for bottom paper feeding

Delta, Taiwan

Photoelectric sensor


Paper fan lacking monitoring/

Cup body horizontal displacement monitoring/

Cup rotation displacement monitoring/

Cup bottom delivery failure monitoring/

Cup Bottom paper roll shortage monitoring/

Cup drop-down and missing monitoring

Fotek, Taiwan

Autonics, Korea

Panasonic/Omron, Japan

Ultrasonic generator


Ultrasonic welding head


Cup side preheater

3.3kw 1pc, made in China

Bottom hot wind heater

5.5kw 2pcs, made in China

Ring blower


Rotary encoder

Omron, Japan

SICK, Germany

Main motor/

Electromagnetic braking three-phase asynchronous motor

Gear motor, China

Gear reducer

Bottom paper roll unwinding motor


Cup lip curling motor


Bottom forming motor


Oil pump/motor


Silicone oil coating device

Home made

Pneumatic components

Vacuum sucker manipulator


Pipe quick coupling

Airtac, Taiwan

SMC, Japan



The Electromagnetic Valve / Mechanical valve

Airtac, Taiwan

SMC, Japan

Machine transmission

Machine frame

Standard angle iron and iron square tube, iron plate


China high quality brand

Automatic lubrication system

Continuous shower type with Oil distribution pipe

High precision open discal cam, grooved cam and indexing plate

20CrMnTi steel

Carburization hardening, quenching and tempering etc. heat treatments

Made by CNC processing center

Korean technology

Smooth curve, high precision, high hardness, high torque, with automatic lubrication system, longer service life

Transmission shaft

45# steel Heat treatment


Aluminium Alloy

Note: Machines are being improved constantly, configuration is subject to the latest design and technology. Minor configuration changes are subject to change without notice.

Machine main structure

Machine details

1. The paper cup fans will be sucked down and pushed forward. And the paper cup body sleeve will be preheated and then sealed on the horizontal forming mold by Ultrasonic. Higher speed with preheater is better for any sizes of paper cups, especially best for heavy-weight thick paper.

2. The cup bottom will be punched and sucked inside under of the molds and then the paper sleeve will be turned over up and go through the molds.

3. The molds with sleeve and bottom will be heated twice by the hot air guns. And then the end of the sleeve will be pre-folded inward to get ready for sealing with the paper cup bottom. After that, the paper cup bottom will be completely sealed well by the embossing and sealing device. Then the well-bottom-formed paper cups will be transferred to the top curling turntable to form the top curling.

4. The cup top has been moistened by the food grade silicone oil to make the curling top pressure well-distributed to avoid the burst, which will improve the paper cup aesthetic degree. And the cup top will be curled twice. Compared with once curling, twice curling is more suitable on high speed machine which makes the cup curling tight and better-looking.

To this step, a cup is done. The cups will be blown to the acrylic pipe to the collection table. Each stack quantity will be counted.

Machine transmission part

Photoed in the perspective of under the paper fan sucking front side ↑

Photoed in the perspective of under the main turntable left 45°side ↑

Photoed in the perspective of under the main and curling turn tables front side ↑

      Contact person: Mr. Abner Chin
Tel/WhatsApp: +86-16605774800
Address: Room 102, Unit 1, Workshop 23, Zilai Venture Park, Wanquan Town, Pingyang County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.

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