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The capacity of KH-SC128 intelligent paper cup machine can be up to 110-150pcs/min, suitable for 4-16oz cold/hot drink cups. This machine adopts a table-top layout, which isolates the transmission parts and molds. The transmission parts are below the table, and the forming molds are above the table which is easy to clean and maintain. The transmission adopts a vertical axis gear structure, an inverted cylindrical follow-up indexing cam mechanism and gear transmission, which optimizes the internal layout, ensures the synchronous transmission accuracy while automatic oil spray lubrication system is equipped to reduce mechanical wear. The cup bottom is formed by double-channel hot air and combined with knurling to ensure that the bottom is sealed well and does not leak. The cup top forming adopts double curling heat setting process. Beautiful and dimensionally stable. The electrical components adopt PLC programmable logic controller, photoelectric tracking and servo, endowing the machine with self-monitoring and intelligent operation.

(Note: During the production process, any adjustments, optimizations and upgrades made by the manufacturer based on the improvement of product quality or the original technology and related configurations of machine manufacturing are all reasonable changes in the production process of the machine without prior notice.)

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The latest color digital inkjet printing machine is a customized color digital printing machine for paper cup industry. It can be used for paper sheets, food paper bags, small-sized paper bowl blanks, envelopes, archive bags, cordless paper bags, greeting cards, seed cards, napkins, and other absorbent materials with printed patterns on the surface and personalized printing content. There is no need to wait or make plates, import the required printing content, and start printing, Batch printing speed can be up to 6000 to 9000 paper cup fans per hour, CMYK four color printing. It is very suitable for urgent orders, small orders etc.

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